Artsakh Under Siege – Day 28

The latest Turkish/Azeri aggression upon Artsakh, an enclave of Armenia, is a blockade now hitting a crisis of one month. While the Azeri war upon Artsakh in 2020 killed nearly 4000 soldiers and displaced tens of thousands of villagers, this current stranglehold is set to starve, deprive, and drive away the those who remain on their homeland.

As of December 12th, 2022, Azeri military has cut off food, fuel, medicine and access to hospitals.

A prelude to ethnic cleansing and genocide, 120,000 Armenians remain hostage.


Artsakh, and most of Armenia, is surrounded by enemies. Blocking the lifeline to Artsakh is now a humanitarian crisis, worsening day by day.

Please join us and cry out for Artsakh!

Pray that the blockade be lifted! For provisions to come through!

Pray for pastors, elders, and clergy in Artsakh and Armenia:

  • Pray for the Lord to encourage them as they face great challenges
  • Pray that God’s word comes alive in their hearts
  • Pray for unction and revival, to shake the hearts of nominal Christians

Pray for faith in villagers and townspeople:

  • May the Holy Spirit encourage them and revive their faith
  • May they see God move as their provider and protector
  • Pray for powerful prayer meetings to gather, unifying them with a trust in the Lord

Pray for Artsakh and Armenia to become a light and beacon for their surrounding enemies

  • Pray that the Lord, in His sovereignty and mercy, defend and protect the borders
  • Pray to God that He confound the enemy, weaken their limbs and resolve, extinguish their zeal, and drive them away
  • Call upon the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of Azeris and Turks, open their eyes and convict their souls!

Pray that they, and all of us, will grasp the power of prayer, gain a greater revelation of our Father in heaven, and walk in victory through the dark times in this world.

We are praying every night, please join in whenever you can.

Thank you all.

6 comments on “Artsakh Under Siege – Day 28

  1. dettinger47 says:

    Thank you, Lisa Beth, for keeping your readers aware of the plight of Armenia. I will read this later at home where I can concentrate more and certainly pray for this dire situation!

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  2. I am very sad this is still happening 😢 Just like Yemen 🇾🇪 , this crisis and war is hardly getting any attention. All I can do is pray and bring attention to other Christians to pray about is also. I am thankful for Independent Media out there that actually cover this news

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    • Lisa Beth says:

      Thank you so much Joseph. I mentioned in another comment that Armenians have inhabited Artsakh since BC. In 1000AD, it was The Kingdom of Artsakh.
      All along I had been praying for God to greatly stir their hearts and faith, not just to survive but to be a light and beacon for surrounding enemies.
      Then I saw this,
      “In 301 Armenia was converted to Christianity, and Artsakh became a major stronghold for Armenian missionaries to proclaim the Christian Gospel to neighbouring countries…”
      May the Lord make this small piece of land a light and beacon in these last days.
      Thank you brother, I always appreciate your posts and comments- and prayers!

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  3. Tom says:

    This is a sad development, Lisa Beth. So much hatred and bloodshed in this world motivated by ethnicity/race, false religion, and politics/nationalism. The Armenians have had more than their share of persecution. I will be praying for the people of Artsakh and Armenia.

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    • Lisa Beth says:

      Thank you so much Tom. Most people don’t know that, “By the fifth century BC, Artsakh was part of Armenia…” It is ancient historical land, knit into their Christian heritage. In 301AD, this land became a launching place for missionaries to go forth into surrounding pagan lands.
      I pray for God to rise up amongst the Armenians. May He encourage and shake their hearts to be that beacon once again.
      Thank you Tom.

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