Armenia – Dying Under Fruitless Religion

Armenians worldwide have common cultural and historical bonds, unifying them to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Although there were previous onslaughts prior to 1915, the scale of that annihilation marked the souls of subsequent generations seeking justice. I am with them. Notably, the 100th year commemoration, 2015, brought needed attention to the atrocities still denied by the Turkish government.

However, how can we as a people and moreover the established Armenian Apostolic Church, rightfully demand justice when we are neglecting the desecration of our people within? Nobody is killing more Armenians today than Armenians themselves.

The median number of abortions for women over 40 is eight, and some women have as many as 20 abortions in a lifetime.” (12/20/2011, Even worse, with the availability of abortion pills, costing less than $1, women might remember medical abortions but many cannot remember how many times they have had drug induced abortions. Gender selection is the compelling, deciding factor in many of these abortions. So compelling and highly pressured, these women are opting for late term illegal abortions.

The Armenian government did respond to international pressure and warnings from United Nations (UNPF) as Armenia is facing a demographic crisis. Gender selection abortions became ‘outlawed’. However, legislating morality is one of man’s greatest futilities.

“Pregnancy in Armenia: Let’s Hope It’s Not a Girl” (Armenian Mirror Spectator, 1/14/17) exposes the plight of Armenian women and their unborn children, often succumbing to “strong pressure from husband or family to have a male child. Sometimes it is the husband who makes the decision for his wife, often resorting to psychological pressure.”

This is a sickening reality –  the husband, protector of the wife and home, compels his wife to kill their unborn child!  Yet God established marriage and His high standards liken it to His great love and sacrifice for us…

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her to make her holy….” (Ephesians 5:25)

The only hope for Armenians and anyone else is in turning to the living God, being reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. Only the Lord can quicken our conscience to see clearly what we are doing and bring the due grief to lead us to repent.

According to the Armenian Census 2011, 94% percent of the population in Armenia claims (nominally) to be Christian while 92.7 % belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.  A church has access to nearly 93% of a population that is imploding from abortions?   Many consider this establishment powerful** but are they at all powerful in God’s eyes?

If the Armenian priests saw a glimpse of God’s view and heart for the people, they would fall prostrate on the floor weeping not only for the people but for themselves. God holds religious authority to a fearful standard.

armenian priests

Blessing of Bread, Water, and Salt at Izmirlyan Medical Center

Which ‘apostles’ is the Armenian Apostolic Church modeling?  Ornate garments and fancy rituals, having not the slightest resemblance to Jesus nor His Apostles, cannot possibly bring about change whatsoever. In fact, during these hospital ‘blessings’ one can be sure that abortions are taking place!

If Armenians identify with Christ at all, it’s time to repent. It’s time to cry out to God for a new beginning, seeking the mind of Christ through the scriptures and surrendering our life and our will to our Savior.

“Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did” (I John 1:6)

Thank God, Jesus did not sequester Himself in grand buildings and pious robes, but came and lived amongst us, touching and changing hearts, calling those whose lives were bankrupt and shipwrecked. Although He is sovereign King,  Jesus rejected all accolades, position and honor of this world.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

It’s time to break out of Etchmiadzin and reach the people for Christ

Not ornate in the least, the Son of God wept for the people, drawing them to Himself,

“Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest…” (Matt 11:28)

Armenia’s dire moral crisis will not resolved by a better government or financial assistance programs. Church rituals and incantations may be emotionally appeasing but are utterly powerless to bring about change in the heart of man. Even worse, the façade of religion gives hollow hope to women who are oppressed by this dark abortion culture.

I pray that a true Church rises up to be the Body of Christ, following Jesus and His Apostles’ teachings, preaching a Gospel that convicts of sin and brings healing.  Spiritual decay and darkness is killing Armenia.   Are there spiritual leaders who are willing to lay aside prestigious garments, roll up their sleeves, and open their hearts to the burden of Christ?

Yes, Armenians deserve justice for the grievous genocide of 1.5 million innocent lives, Armenians who were systematically annihilated by the Turkish government.  But can we neglect the not-so-secret slaughter going on in Armenia today amidst a pervasive yet fruitless religion?

genocide gathering

Outcry for Armenians cannot end here.  (photo: Reuters/Kevork Djansezian)

**I attended a presentation at the United Nations, 3/18/17, which focused on the subject of abortion and gender inequality in Armenia.  See The Burning Lamp, When Good Works End in Spiritual Ashes

2 comments on “Armenia – Dying Under Fruitless Religion

  1. Haifa says:

    Do you know why abortion rates are so high? Because God saw fit to allow a genocide that killed over half their entire race, protracted war, earthquakes that killed over 100,000, the Soviet Union took over the remnant and imposed their culture of godlessness and abortion, and crushing poverty from blockades to be put onto this people. Most abortions are from married women who choose that before allowing their families to starve to death. If we want to reduce abortion rates, it should be by alleviating the poor, not wagging our fingers at them. You haven’t spent one moment in their shoes–you would crumple under even half the weight. If God so cares about the unborn, he should not have allowed genocide at all, let alone the war Azerbaijan is waging against their right to life. The injustice they have endured and the relative silence and lack of support from Western Christians who could have swayed their nations towards justice is what led to all these lesser evils.

    As for your bold assertion, the amount of abortions in Armenia even with the highest estimates since the Soviet Union is less than a million. The genocide killed 1.5 million, the Hamidian massacres before that killed 300,000, and Azerbaijan murdered over 60,000 ethnic Armenian citizens of that country.

    You are a white person who knows nothing of any actual struggle. Kindly never bother these suffering people ever again, you high and mighty self-righteous Pharisee.

    Sincerely, a Maronite, filled with outrage over what you wrote. I can only imagine what any poor Armenian must feel if they see your blog, or hopefully, they roll their eyes at you, who never suffered one millionth of what they endured and continue to endure.


    • Lisa Beth says:

      Dear Haifa, I assure you that your fury is misguided. I am an Armenian woman, 2nd generation of genocide survivors….much of my family is from Aleppo Syria – which is now utterly destroyed. I’ve been to Armenia several times since a youth – not for vacation but to help in anyway I could after earthquake and blockades. Abortion became the sole birth control during Soviet years, to date, most Armenian women do not use or trust birth control. But even that aside, none of what I wrote refers AT ALL to destitute woman facing unwanted pregnancy.
      GENDER SELECTION abortions became epidemic after the availability of the Sonogram. Women are often emotionally abused or compelled to abort once the fetus is found to be female. Think how traumatizing it is for a women to abort an wanted daughter!!
      I won’t belabor this subject any longer. The Armenian Church in Armenia is well, well endowed and equally corrupt, I say this with much grief, I used to love that church. It is far too much to share but I will say in example: in January this year, women rose up in Armenia to present and support legislation making Domestic Abuse a crime. The Armenian Church opposed it!!
      I hope you will seek further resources in this matter. This is a crisis. The United Nations is involved with the Gender Selection abortion in Armenia, as are many humanitarian groups, such as World Vision. World Vision just published a substantial article on this subject.
      Thank you for visiting my blog. So sorry you are angry.
      Sincerely, Lisa Beth


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