When God Strips and Shrinks Your Life

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), starring Grant Williams

There is no need to describe how God can strip our lives of the very things that fulfill us, define us, and give our hearts joy. He can do it in harsh succession – uprooting and shaking the very foundations of our lives – our job, marriage, health and subsequent emotional stability. Those who have walked with the Lord for any length may, at first, rally great inward faith, “I lost my job but I know God has something better!” But the ‘better’ job or calling doesn’t come. Instead, other pillars of life begin to shake and crumble, stripping your sense of security, strength, and pleasure. Emotional damage begins to take root.

What should we believe and do when God strips and shrinks our lives?

1. Believe that, if your life is in His hand, if you’ve truly given your life to Jesus Christ, nothing that has occurred is random, nothing is outside of His personal view, nor is it outside of His personal will for your life. While God doesn’t owe us explanations, we must build and renew our thinking on the foundation that He is sovereign.

2. Meditate on the testimonies and truths in God’s word. Numerous godly men were stripped of their life’s strengths, familial standing, and provisions while at the ‘top of their game’. We often make quick and convenient connections in the lives of Biblical heroes – neglecting to meditate upon, for example, Joseph’s captivity as a slave, his years languishing in a dungeon. We believe spiritual exploits and victories but rarely consider the years of obscurity, loneliness, and ‘insignificance’. We are slow to imagine how Job prepared 10 funerals, clearing the rubble of his children’s home and cattle.

We read Revelation with awe, but what was John’s life like every day on the tiny barren island of Patmos? He had walked with the Son of God, witnessed miracles and partook in world evangelism. Overseeing the churches of Asia, John was a prominent elder, pouring into the foundations of Christian growth. Yet, aged and frail, he was exiled and stripped of familiar fellowship, position, and provisions – with untold sufferings – did his life shrink?

3. When life is shaken, don’t condemn yourself for bouts of depression, anxiety or panic attacks. We wouldn’t lecture a brother or sister suffering from cancer, neither should we lecture ourselves or others when struggling with emotional damage. Healing and deliverance can come instantaneously or can be upon a steady road, walking slowly alongside our Savior.  Resolve to DERAIL patterns of wrong thinking as the Lord brings revelation and renewal. Here is where emotional damage can lead to true spiritual growth.

4. Believe that the world sees suffering as misfortune, bad luck, victimization or bad karma but we, as believers can see suffering as separation unto God, allowed and/or brought about by God Himself.

5. Believe that we as Christians, may have consciously separated our thinking and values from those esteemed in the world but, in these last days, the Lord want to call out His remnant from world-like Christianity. The ‘happy clappy biblical coaching’ that masquerades as truth sets grooves of wrong thinking in our soul, building a perishable faith. God expressly calls us to ‘stand’ in these increasingly wicked last days. When God separates us for personal suffering it is refining fire but not futile fire. 

6. Believe and trust God for today and resist predicting what He will do tomorrow. God is absolutely not a formula God. What He specifically did for Moses, Paul, Ruth or the brother at church may not at all be His plans for us.

American Christianity rejects the truth that God can strip us and shrink us to prepare us for something so small, seemingly inconsequential, of no worldly value or importance. Rare is the sermon or even reference to verses such as Colossians 3:22, “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything….with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.” God is not at all condoning slavery – regardless of race or national origin. However, Jesus did not come to abolish social order or establish prosperity. He came to ‘save His people from their sins’, a freedom won at great cost. He calls us to obey and flourish in Him regardless of our temporal worldly position or social standing, setting our eyes on eternity where God’s order and rewards are forever.

God’s appointed place for us while in this world may seem to diminish and suffer ruin but great loss lays bare the great need to find contentment and sufficiency in our Savior. Perhaps we will not proclaim great spiritual exploits, evangelize in exotic lands, win over death row inmates, or plant churches. Perhaps we are caring for a mentally or physically infirm spouse, a disabled elderly parent, or showing kindness to neighbors in crisis. Perhaps we are in a solitary place, called to intimate fellowship with the Lord at length and in depth.

As these last days rapidly downward spiral, those in Christ surely want to make a mark on this generation and touch lives for eternity, knowing the power of the Holy Spirit living in us and through us.  Yet still, the Potter decidedly smashes our life at times, ruining it to remake it. I pray that during seasons of smallness and disappointment we resist the temptation to compare our lives against others or measure ourselves with worldly values.  Regardless of our circumstance, may the Lord be enlarged and lifted up.

“Lord, open our eyes to Your ways. In whatever You deem right to take from our temporal lives, I pray that we find our contentment,healing and encouragement in You. May we surrender our lives to Your sovereignty and fulfill Your unchanging exhortation to “stand firm in the faith” and “stand firm to the end.” Help us to “set our hearts on things above” and “set our minds on things above, not on earthly things”, being obedient to Your call upon us today.”

10 comments on “When God Strips and Shrinks Your Life

  1. Paul says:

    Great word
    I like the word shrink
    It’s so true,my world has shrunk to nothing except what he permits.
    The Lord gave me a series of visions 3.5 yrs ago that I would be emptied out & that I should be greatful. At times I have been and other times far from it.i said I don’t want to advocate for him in this but I understand what he is doing. I get Jobs confict that’s for sure. One minute he lements his own existence the next he is questioning God’s justice & then the next declaring God’s salvation. It get so weird it can only be God. “For I know my redeemed lives & he will stand on the earth in the last days.”


    • Lisa Beth says:

      Thank you Paul for sharing your experience here. Hopefully all our trials will reveal more of God’s plan and power. Above all, as the Apostle Paul said, let’s “press on toward the goal” – and never give up. God bless you!


  2. Angela says:

    I have been as with my daughter completely put in a deep place of lost and no hope two yrs ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymthomoa spreading vastly befor this things were not as awlfull I used to hear gods voice and many other things but now all swept away like nothing had ever existed everything I do exsoecialy worlds things which I might add are pretty small I get attacked for by the enemy nothing even goes right either I repent allways but it’s like it never helps as my condition is on a high level death is no stranger do I really have such badness within that has to come out like anger etc I even get mad with god due to all this death is scary living is too so it’s like I’m in a matrix nothing seems real to a decree I allways pray for the lord to return to me as I’m now a hollow shell I pay that’s all I have left


    • Lisa Beth says:

      Dear Angela, thank you for reaching out to me here. I’m actually at an ER with my dad who is in real decline. I am praying for you, trusting the Holy Spirit to renew your heart through His word.
      You do have faith or you wouldn’t even read a godly message and respond. Even if it’s just an ember, God sees your heart. May He fan into flame your hope in Him.
      No matter how we feel, we must resolve to not give up. You may feel you’re abandoned in a wilderness but “nobody threshes the wheat forever”, God will meet you and walk you through.
      Will keep you in prayer sister, as God conforms us to the image of His Son, preparing us for eternity with Him.


  3. Franchesca says:

    I’m glad I found this article and testimonies because I am going through similar circumstances. All has been taken. Attacks and hearing the voice of God. I know unforgiveness is a big issue. I been told look at the things above. Be content. Joy. Not things as I would have it but as they are. Light in the dark. Resist Devil and he will flee. Perfect Love cast out fear. Amongst many emotions thoughts causing indignation. Get angry sin not. To have reference. I believe it’s called the fiery furnace. Please Pray. God Bless

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  4. Ana says:

    Hello sister Lisa,
    Is it possible to contact you directly, via email?

    Best regards,

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sharon says:

    Lisa Beth I am living this rt now. I have been stripped of my only 2 sons and my mother in 2020-2021 within 1 year. I am HEARTBROKEN beyond imagination. I have been serving Christ my whole life and was stripped of my marriage and job In 2020. Please pray for me because all this suffering has damaged me emotionally and broken me down.

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    • Lisa Beth says:

      Sharon, I will be praying for you today and will remember you in following days. I have found that only God can understand this emotional anguish – I found it worse than any physical pain i could imagine.
      My only relief was in the Lord. When I shut in with Him, even full of tears, He was faithful to impart inner peace.
      Most important, suffering compelled me to open His word and cry out to Him. Even though I felt dead inside, the word of God became alive.
      Professional therapist couldnt reach my pain but when I read, “Your statutes…are my counselors” I knew the Holy Spirit would minister to me. It was the hardest time but a most precious time of growing and walking with the Lord.
      I don’t want to dissuade you from seeking professional help. With or without that, this time of crushing can surely open a new and living chapter in your walk with Jesus.
      Press on sister, thank you.


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